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As an authorized Distributor & Service Provider for, Jenbacher gas engines Marinsa Caribbean offers tailor made service solutions. By combining digital know-how and innovative technology to Jenbacher service and support, we bring proven outcomes across the life cycle of your gas engines. That means less unplanned downtime, greater workforce efficiency, and lower operating costs. From commissioning to overhauling, our global network of qualified Jenbacher service experts provides the support you need, when you need it, by providing the latest technology.


Services Offerings

Multi-year Agreements

Regardless of your Jenbacher maintenance schedule or intervals, your next service event is already being planned. Multi-year agreements (MYAs)  provide the best option for preventative and cost-effective Jenbacher gas engine maintenance by providing faster parts delivery, less lifecycle cost, and more predictable exchange and overhaul solutions


Genuine Spare Parts

To get the most out of your gas engine and to prevent Jenbacher engine problems in the future, use genuine parts for all planned and unplanned Jenbacher repair & maintenance. Genuine spare parts are manufactured to the latest specifications and the same high standards as the original parts. Our Jenbacher parts are backed by a warranty that covers the parts as well as progressive damage.


Digital Solutions

myPlant* Asset Performance Management increases the availability, reliability, and operating performance of your Jenbacher gas engines. With myPlant, powered by Predix (a local monitoring and diagnostics infrastructure) you can remotely calculate plant performance every day of operation, giving you real-time intelligence for better decision-making.


Conversions, Modifications, and Upgrades

At Marinsa, we’re always working to improve our technologies so your Jenbacher gas engine keeps increasing in value throughout its operating life. By leveraging the latest technology and engineering expertise, our conversions, modifications, and upgrades (CM&Us) help you keep pace with changing industry conditions, needs, and challenges.


Remanufactured Parts (reUp)

In addition to the genuine OEM spare parts, the reUp remanufactured parts for Jenbacher gas engines are designed to work seamlessly with your new engine parts, and are backed by the same robust Jenbacher services warranty. 
Learn more about remanufactured Jenbacher spare parts.


Field Service Support

Whether its for Jenbacher outage services or general repairs, no other provider can offer the skill and experience that Marinsa Caribbean service engineers & experts bring to every job.

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