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Based on the proven design concepts of Jenbacher Type 3 and Type 6 engines, Type 4 gas engines are characterized by high power density and outstanding efficiency.

Enhanced control and monitoring provide easy maintenance capabilities, as well as excellent reliability and availability.
5,800+ engines delivered since 2002.


Highlights of Jenbacher Type 4 engines

Jenbacher Type 4 engines have the same design, emissions control, and waste gas-to-energy capabilities as their Type 2 and Type 3 counterparts, plus high power density and outstanding efficiency in their power range.

  • The high-power turbocharger allows optimal operation at higher air intake temperature and altitude.

  • A four-valve cylinder heads features enhanced swirl and channel geometry using advanced calculation and simulation methods, resulting in optimal cooling and combustion conditions.

  • The Type 4’s connecting rod reduces bearing wear and is easy to maintain.

Applicable gas types include: natural gas, associated petroleum gas (flare gas), propane, biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas, coal mine gas, other special gases (e.g. coke, wood, and pyrolysis gases).

Scope of Supply

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