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Introduced in 1976, INNIO's Jenbacher Type 2 gas engine offers high efficiency power with a robust design.​

The stationary engine concept provides excellent durability, while enhanced components and a proven control and monitoring model give the Type 2 engine outstanding reliability.

~1,250 engines delivered since 1976.

J208 – efficient L8-cylinders power generation solution for small/mid scale businesses.


Highlights of Jenbacher Type 2 engines

With their durability, reliability, and fuel flexibility, Jenbacher Type 2 gas engines have an unmatched worldwide reputation of getting the job done.

  • High-performance long-life spark plug for reliable operation.

  • Applicable heat sources include engine cooling water, oil, mixture gas, and exhaust gas.

  • Applicable gas types include: natural gas, associated petroleum gas (flare gas), propane, biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas, coal mine gas, other special gases (e.g. coke, wood, and pyrolysis gases).

A perfect fit for applications up to 1MW across various industries.

Scope of Supply

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